Your Comfort & Safety Is Our Priority

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Dear Valued Customer,

It is with great pleasure that we have the opportunity on welcoming new and returning guests back to the Talbot Suites at Stonebridge.  As Covid-19 has changed our perception on how we interact in social settings moving forward, we very much acknowledge that your Health and Safety during your stay in our number one priority. Therefore, we here at the Talbot Suites at Stonebridge have implemented a new set of policies in our general terms and conditions and stringent procedures operationally ensuring peace of mind and comfort throughout your entire stay.

We fully appreciate that certain measures may cause initial inconvenience however, for us to proactively move forward we must work together by adhering to these new terms.

These are as follows:    

  • Making use of our sanitising stations located throughout the property and washing your hands regularly.
  • Making reservations for breakfast, lunch, dinner directly through the Talbot Hotel Wexford on 053-9122566.
  • Observe social distancing with other guests and staff. Note, signage will be visible throughout the premises.
  • Parents must always supervise and remain present with children.   
  • We would encourage the use of credit/debit cards for all transactions however this is not compulsory.
  • Respect the guidance or advice issued by management and staff while staying with us.
  • If you see any form of poor practice from other customers or indeed a member of the team, please report to reception immediately. 

The above terms are compulsory with failure to co-operate potentially leaving us no other option but to ask you to vacate the premises in the interests of public health.  Please understand that this is for YOUR own safety as much as our staff and other guests and to ensure that everyone has a safe and pleasant experience with us at the Talbot Suites at Stonebridge. 

We have outlined below the new measures put in place as part of our new Talbot Suites at Stonebridge Covid-19 Co-Operative that will help to keep all of us safe. This outlines the procedures that underpin our commitment to you and the terms & conditions that we expect of you during your stay with us. 

If you have any queries that are not answered below, please contact us on

We look forward to welcoming you to the Talbot Suites at Stonebridge and truly value your custom and assistance during these unprecedented times. 

Yours Sincerely

Margaret Cahill

General Manager

Talbot Suites at Stonebridge

Guests travelling from overseas

If you are travelling into Ireland from overseas, it is imperative that you view the following link for up to date information on restrictions and guidelines.

We insist that these guidelines are followed before arriving at Talbot Collection Wexford


General Cleaning Policy

·         Ongoing sanitisation of all public areas throughout the day – you will see more of our Dedicated Hygiene Team. They will be present in public areas much of the day. Their mission will be to sanitise and make safe known “hotspots” such as door handles, bathrooms and counter spaces amongst others.  Please always co-operate with them.

·         We have a long running relationship with Diversity and use their trusted chemistry know-how and focus on the human and environmental impact of their products and recommended practices.  We have re-written our cleaning protocols to translate the best practices in HSE and Failte Ireland standards to our hotel guest rooms, public areas and staff areas

·         We will be working to ventilate the property so you may see more windows open throughout to keep air circulating and fresh. 

·         HSE and Fáilte Ireland experts continue to advise us on new technologies and approaches, assist in training development and create a rigorous quality assurance program. This expert advice and assistance helps us to build upon the already high standards of housekeeping and hygiene at the Talbot Suites at Stonebridge and to ensure that the protocols are not only satisfactory but surpass expectations to ensure the health and safety of all our guests and staff.

·         Sanitising stations to be located at numerous locations around the apartments such as inside the front door and on each floor level etc. You are asked to avail of them. 

·         Use of the lifts will be restricted to those with mobility challenges and guests are encouraged to take the stairs. Should the lift be an absolute requirement, limit the capacity to 2 at any time and use sanitising gel immediately after.    

Team Training


·         All staff have their temperature checked on arrival at work and any team members recording abnormal temperatures will be asked to stay home. 

·         We have provided designated areas for staff to prepare for work and adhere to sanitation procedures.

·         Social distancing to apply to staff where breaks are staggered, and workspaces spread out to a 2m distance.

·         Regular Diversity Training for all our staff to refresh everyone on cleaning and sanitation procedures. 

·         Team members will be provided with personal protective equipment appropriate to their area of work.  A supply of gloves and personal sanitiser for each individual and some department members may require specific equipment such as our team in accommodation and the laundry.  Enhanced training will be provided to protect their well-being. 

·         Individual work kits will be provided depending on department. 


Arrival/Check In


  • At reception, all guests must use hand sanitizer provided in the sanitisation stations inside the front door and at the front desk and please observe the appropriate social distancing.
  • We have designated waiting lines clearly marked in reception, we would kindly ask that you stay behind these lines until greeted by a member of the team. 
  • At check in you will not need to touch anything other than the pin-pad and your key card wallet.  Pre-authorisation will be done on your credit card for your stay, you will have to use the pin-pad to enter your pin, this will have been sanitized before your use and again after you use it. Should you be required to sign any documentation, a pen will be provided and sanitised before and after use.
  • You will notice a change to our reception desk to safeguard the team and you, our guest, as we install safety screens and there will be a 2m roped area
  • Guests are encouraged to pre-book with us online.  If you can do that, our receptionist will have pre-populated guest information so that your interaction will be brief and efficient.  If not, please provide full contact details to the receptionist.
  • For all payments, we would encourage transactions by card  
  • Upon completion, you will be given your sanitised key card and directions to the stairs to access your room. 

Guest Apartments

·         Careful consideration has been given to the preparation and presentation of your apartment and you might find some things are different. For example, we may no longer offer stationery pens and paper as well as in room folders.

  • Our deep clean of “High Touch Areas” will include extra disinfecting of the most frequently touched guest room areas such as light switches, door handles, TV remotes, toilet flusher, taps, telephone and more.

·         Staff will change into a new set of PPE before entering each room to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

·         When a guest room is vacated after a stay the apartments are thoroughly cleaned and items removed (even if unused), including bed linen, towels, bathrobes, bathmats, and all amenities such glasses, coasters etc.

·         All surfaces will be sprayed both vertically and horizontally with Diversity cleaning products and left so that the agents have time to work. They will then be cleaned down again paying attention to the high touch points. 

·         The whole room will be sprayed with sanitising solution and window left open.

·         When the supervisor/ manager checks the room, (s)he will re-sanitise all high touch points again while doing so to ensure “double sanitisation”.



ü  To maintain social distancing, we advise you to make a reservation for breakfast, Lunch and dinner in advance so that we can control the numbers dining at any one time. 

ü  You are asked to avail of the sanitisation stations to be located at entrance to our Oysterlane Restaurant and Ballast Bank Bar upon entry and exit.

ü  Children must always dine with parents.

  • Breakfast will be served from 7am to 11am and is only available by reservation.  Please check in with the restaurant manager/supervisor on arrival.
  • For breakfast, we will serve all items to your table.  We will provide markings on floor for social distancing when queuing for breakfast. 

·         We will set tables with strict social distancing measures to the best of our ability.

·         We will be serving meals in three spaces – Oysterlane Restaurant, the Ballast Bank Bar and the Gallery. 

·         We will use disposable items for single use where possible i.e. menus, paper napkins, individually wrapped condiments, butter, jam, ketchup and salt and pepper sachets. We will not use linens on the table. 

·         Our team will play their part and each team member will have their own workstation and will maintain the appropriate distance when taking an order. 

  • Room service is not available at Stonebridge Suites.

Serving Of Alcohol

·         Serving of Alcohol

  • Hotel bars will not be open in the traditional way, it will be a dispense bar/table service only.

Leisure Centre

      • The Leisure Centre is open to our Talbot Hotel & Talbot Suites guests.
      • Leisure Centre opening hours are 6am-9pm Mon-Fri, 7.30am-9pm Sat and 9am-7pm Sun.  Children’s hours 9am to 6pm.
      • Pre-booking is no longer available.
      • The Leisure Centre do not offer a room charge service so please ensure that you have cash or card if you wish to make a purchase. 


        • We ask everyone to sanitise their hands at the allocated station when entering and exiting the sauna.
        • Towels must be used to sit on. No towel, no entry. 
        • Upon entry, everyone will have a total of 15 minutes in the sauna.



      • We ask everyone to sanitise their hands at the allocated station when entering and exiting the jacuzzi.
      • Upon entry, everyone will have a total of 15 minutes in the jacuzzi.
      • Our team will ensure that an ongoing hygiene regime is conducted.
      • Swimming caps are compulsory in the pool area for adults and children.
      • Towels will be available at the pool. Please leave valuables in your bedroom safe. 
      • Towels will be available at the pool. Please leave valuables in your bedroom safe. 
      • A Sanitising station will be set-up at Leisure centre reception, entrance and exit.


 Check Out

ü  At reception, all guests must use hand sanitizer provided in the sanitisation station at the front desk and please observe the appropriate social distancing.

ü  We have designated waiting lines clearly marked on reception, we would kindly ask that you stay behind these line until greeted by a member of the team. 



Information as of 15.06.2020

The above guidelines are subject to change

Talbot Collection